Daily Medicine: Laugh, Relax and Enjoy Life!

by Bev Hope

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” Irish Proverb–

Irish Influence in My Life–

Throughout my life I’ve met many people with a mix of Irish heritage in our American ethnic melting pot. When I was a child in Catholic School, many kids in my classes had an O’ name like O’Malley. When I was a young a professional working in Philadelphia, New York and Chicago, my Irish American colleagues would introduce me to their favorite Irish pubs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. All Americans are Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Later in my career, I worked with Irish colleagues on global project teams and made numerous business trips to Ireland.

Gift of the Irish

Looking back, the funny coincidence is that virtually all of my “Irish” friends and colleagues made me laugh more than most people. Laughter was just in them, turned on high. They didn’t force being funny by telling a joke, they couldn’t help it—they carried a natural sense of humor. Laughter just spilled out of them with a bubbling effervescence that made me smile and added joy to my day.

Lessons from the Irish

I have wondered if the “Irish” sense of humor comes from Nature- in their genes, or from nurture– their cultural heritage. Wherever it comes from, I am grateful for the extra dose of laughter and levity I feel whenever I’m around “Irish” folks. They’ve taught me that no matter how rough things might be, a little levity and laughter helps make you feel better so you can deal with the day to day challenges of life more easily. The Irish must have known for centuries, long before the Industrial Age and discoveries in modern science, that good laughter and good sleep are not only essential to human survival but are also necessary for thriving and living a healthy, happy life.

Laughter is Medicine

This Irish proverb “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything” reminds me that “laughter is medicine.” Laughter not only helps a single person feel better, but it’s so contagious that it can help an entire group of people feel better. And the benefit of laughter spreads and it keeps spreading. It can literally boost the immune system of an entire community.

A day full of laughter is like giving the body physical and mental exercise. You can’t help but feel happily tired and have good sleep after a daily “laughter workout” So get your daily dose of laughter, wake up well rested, smiling, and spread laughter medicine–and then do it all over again. Take a page out of the Irish Proverbs and their secret to a happy, healthy life—and live well with west!

Live Well with Zest!
Bev xo


Written by Bev Hope

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